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Is the sunshine making it hard to drive? Or you need auto glass tinting for added privacy? When looking for auto glass tinting, Infinity Windshield Repair is the best choice you can make. Infinity Windshield Repair is a car service company you can count on for auto maintenance and auto glass services. You can benefit from our services in McAllen, TX and also in .

 If you have seen a car with a darkened windshield, you may wonder why it is so and if it prevents the driver from seeing the road. Some car owners think of glass tinting as an opportunity to make their cars trendy. But besides making your class classy, it has many benefits. Here are a few advantages of glass tinting:

 Glass tinting keeps the interior cool. The tint helps control the AC of your car which uses fuel. Depending on the grade, a tint can block solar heat that can build up in your car. Not only does it reduce your fuel consumption, you can also balance climate and comfort for inside your car.

 Window tints can offer unlimited privacy. There are times when we don’t want strangers to stare at us while we’re inside the car. Tints are the best way to deal with this discomfort. Get yours now!

 Reduces fading. Your car is a valuable investment. A glass tinting installed can block harsh sunshine that could discolor leather seats and vinyl. It protects your car’s interior from warping and keeps it newer longer.

 Blocks UV rays. Besides reducing the fading of your car’s interior, it also protects your skin. Car window tinting can block up the sun’s UV rays, which could cause skin cancer if exposed to long periods of time.

 These are but a few of the benefits of having your auto glass tinted. If you are looking for a car service or an auto sunroof shop who can provide you with quality and affordable window tints, turn to Infinity Windshield Repair. Visit our shop at McAllen, TX or dial (956) 516-3077 to get a free estimate!